I work with both children and adults who are dealing with various functional GI disorders (FGIDs) such as irritable bowel syndrome, rumination syndrome, dyspepsia, constipation, diarrhea, pain, and vomiting. Because the brain can impact the gut and the gut can impact the brain, I incorporate a variety of treatment modalities to capitalize on that mind-body connection. My approach is holistic, experiential, and integrative, which allows me to be flexible and tailor interventions to meet each client’s specific needs. This flexible approach can be especially helpful when FGIDs exist alongside issues such as trauma, eating disorders, chronic pain, and others.

In addition to office-based sessions, I offer home- and community-based sessions. These sessions can enrich the treatment process by being imbedded within the rhythms, routines, and environments of a typical day, as well as support carry-over of progress made in sessions to “real life”.